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About Loan Seekers

Loan Seekers works in line with the SA Loans National Credit Act regulation to make sure that they offer personal loans to loan seekers in a responsible manner, ensuring that their customers do not take more than what they can afford to pay off.

The company offer personal loans to their customers, according to their customers profile, making sure that they offer best service to their clients.

Their motive is to set a personal touch, therefore ensuring that you don’t just get a generic service delivery,

but instead one that is exceptional and suits your sa loans ideal loans application requirements.

Loan Seekers deal directly with all the lenders who are on their preferred loan offering list, it be a business loan seekers or short term loans.

Loans Seekers will puts together a package that will suite your pocket, which means easily affordable for you to payback.

They help their clients select personal loans and refer their customers to loan seekers site which will will be set according to their terms and fit within their budget.

Why use Loan Seekers Personal Loans

Loan Seekers, will send your personal loan application to a panel of lenders which means that the chances of having your application accepted are much higher than if you were to approach one lender directly.

The company pride itself by providing loans to their customers in an efficient, quick, and professional service to those who are always struggling to obtain loans due to bad credit record.

Loan Seekers – Summary of Services

  • Legal assistance
  • Debt counselling
  • Personal loans

How It Works – Loan Example

Please see below is simply an example of a 60 month Personal Loan.

– Loan amount: R16 500

– Term: 60 months

– Initiation Fee: R1 140

– Services Fee: R57

– Interest: 32.65%

– Total Instalment: R840.31

Use our Loan Seekers Calculator which will assist you in pre-calculation and provide with an idea of how much you payback when you take up any loan.

Loan Seekers Contact Details

You can use one of the below methods to contact loans seekers and find out how to obtain one their loans by visiting their website on the following link and also find all loan seekers email addresses that you can use get in touch with the company.