Home Loan Calculator

Home Loan Calculator and Bond Calculator

Finance Bunny features a handy Home Loan Calculator and Bond Calculator tool which is an essential tool that will quickly help determine your home loan and bond loans monthly, yearly and custom repayments.

Home Loan Calculator Tool

A home loan calculator and bond calculator can instantly assist to value your home loan and bond affordability.

This handy calculator allow you to work out the following

  • Size home loan you’re likely to qualify for, you will know if you qualify or not right on the spot.
  • How much your bond repayments will be, this will help you if your bond provision.
  • The likely size of your bond and transfer costs, do you have enough money to take a bond.
  • The effect of increasing your monthly home loan repayments.
  • How much you’ll need to save for a deposit on your property purchase.
  • How your monthly home loan premium is split between interest and capital repayment.

Bond Calculator